Why Sheet Mask

Why Choose Sheet Masks? 

As skincare masks continue to surge in popularity, there are more and more options available (each one seemingly more gimmicky than the last). But if you’re like us and want results NOW, your best option is the tried-and-true sheet mask.Sheet masks are the most efficient and effective delivery system.. The serum-soaked cloth conforms to the curves of your face creating the ideal, enclosed-not-occlusive environment for essential oils and botanical extracts to quickly penetrate and be absorbed into skin. You’ll see visible results in less than 10 minutes!  

How Sheet Mask Work

Create an enclosed environment -> Essence penetrates into skin-> quickly absorbs-> instant results



Sheet Masks

Gel Masks

Common Benefits 

Moisturizing, anti-aging, brightening, oil-control, calming, soothingClarifying, oil-control, softening, brightening, blemish-control

Effective Delivery System 


Hydration Capacity



(Ready to use, usually no need to rinse after use)

(Must spread with fingers or a tool. Requires rinsing off  after use)



(confined by face shapes)


(not confined by face shapes)

Suitability to Skin Type

Depends on the formula’s nourishment/treatment level Depends on the formula’s richness/treatment level

When to Apply

Pre-makeup, before important occasions, for relaxation or self-careAfter shower / face cleansing 

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