Seasonal Change Skincare Tips: How to take care of your skin during winter

The temperatures are plummeting fast, and the calendar is quickly moving towards Christmas. Winter is just around the corner – are you prepared for some much-needed seasonal skincare changes? These are essential if you want to enjoy healthy, glowing, and protected skin during the colder months. To prevent common winter skin problems, such as dry skin, redness, itchiness, and inflammation, read our guide below.  Get ready to reveal the best glow of your life! 

Gently Does It

A good, effective skincare routine should always include three, essential steps: 

  1. Cleansing 
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Moisturizing 

In winter, you will still need to incorporate each one of these into your daily regime, but with some important modifications. For starters, ditch those foaming, salicylic acid-based cleansers and opt for a cleansing oil or balm. Used first thing in the morning, this will allow you to wash your skin effectively without damaging its delicate barrier (and exposing it further to the harmful effects of winter weather). Next, move on to a gentler exfoliator to use a couple of times a week at most – and always in between cleansing and moisturizing. Finish off your routine by applying a generous layer of rich, nourishing moisturizing cream. A heavier, cream-based moisturizer, in fact, will help you keep your skin plump and healthy before you step out in the cold.  Your light, summer moisturizing lotion can stay in the cupboard, ready for when the temperatures rise again next year. 

Make those Showers Cooler

In winter, aside from switching up your skincare products, it’s also important to pay attention to something else: showers and baths. We know that it feels super-tempting to jump under a boiling hot shower when it’s snowing outside. But be aware that this won’t do your skin (or hair, for that matter) any favors.  Water that’s too hot has the potential to strip off your skin of its natural moisture layers and cause it to become even drier and more prone to flaking. Make sure to only take short, lukewarm showers, and remember to apply your nourishing moisturizer straight after, while your skin is still damp. This will help you to lock in the maximum amount of hydration that you need during winter.

Inna Organic’s Frankincense Collection

If you are looking to refresh – excuse the pun! – your winter skincare routine, then you need to try Inna Organic’s frankincense range. Frankincense is a powerful, ancient essential oil – so ancient that Egyptians, Greeks and Romans swore by it – which boasts anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Used both in medicine and in skincare, the popularity of this precious ingredient has grown exponentially over the centuries. At Inna Organic, we have developed a frankincense-based collection of skincare products that are ideal to protect your winter skin. Ethical, organic, and natural, our frankincense is sourced only in Somalia, to help preserve the precious Boswellia population that has been facing hardships for a long time. 

Protect and Moisturize Your Skin This Winter

To protect and moisturize your winter skin, and be ready to face the outside world whatever the weather, be sure to create a new seasonal skincare routine. The centerpiece of your winter regime? Frankincense-based skincare, of course. Browse the frankincense collection from Inna Organic, and get ready for glowing, protected, and healthy-looking skin this winter. 

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