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inna organic uses press proof paper for red envelope to endow a new implication

Giving red envelopes is a traditional gift for children during the Chinese New Year. In Taiwan, the red envelope is called yasui qian, which means ‘suppressing ghosts’ money. Ancient Chinese believed the red envelope can protect children from being caught away by ghost. Therefore, red envelope is a symbol of caring and regard. Those who receive a red envelope are wished another safe and peaceful year.

As a clean skincare brand from Asia, Inna Organic gives the red envelope another implication by using the leftover paper from press proof, which is printed to show general appearance, margins, and color to make sure the printer is settled and functioned perfectly. However, this press proof goes directly to the recycling system after printing and was never seen by anyone.   

This year, Inna Organic has collected press proof from the printing factory and turn it into a unique envelope that carries more than money. It has been re-colored with red and coated with gold as a high-spirited Chinese New Year symbol. With all the significant meanings it bears, Inna Organic’s red envelope can starts a ripple to encourage our customers to apply 3R principle  – reduce, reuse, recycle- in their day to day life; and hopefully, one day, 3R principle can becomes a tradition just like the red envelope. 


Copywriting originated from Jessie Huang

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