Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used frankincense in spiritual rites of passage and as a priceless offering to their gods—it was also famously gifted to Jesus upon his birth. Its uses in beauty can be traced back thousands of years as a perfume, anti-aging elixir and mask. Cleopatra was said to be fascinated with frankincense as a means of preserving her youth. 


This ancient treasure is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to the ever-rising interest in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese healing techniques. Frankincense has a smooth, earthy, woody aroma known to alleviate stress, ease tension and promote a sense of serenity. It is also gaining recognition in the skin care world for its anti-aging, skin rejuvenating, tightening and smoothing properties.


Frankincense starts as a resinous sap found inside various species of the Boswellia tree indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula and Horn of Africa. Due to fires, insects and exploitative harvest techniques, these trees are facing extinction with ecologists predicting a 90% decline in the next 50 years. To help preserve the precious Boswellia population, Inna Organic eco-sources frankincense from a unique species in Somalia. Resin naturally flows from its bark, so harvesting it doesn’t harm the growth of the tree. Since this species isn’t planted on agricultural land, there is far less impact on the environment. This commitment to ethical sourcing and protecting the environment supports our mantra “Glow from within: Clean Beauty. Clean Conscious.”

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