The Natural Balancer

Rose Geranium has been used for generations in Africa as a traditional medicinal plant and skin treatment. Its leaves are incredibly fragrant and smell like roses. 

Studies have shown that this high-antioxidant plant has potent anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to helping to sooth irritation, rose geranium oil has been used as an astringent to help balance out excess oil on the skin’s surface.

The sweet, floral scent of roses is used in aromatherapy to help calm anxiety, relax the mind and lift mood.

Natural Origins

Inna Organic’s Rose Geranium Essential Oil is extracted by a process called steam distillation from the leaves and stems of the Rose Geranium plant, which is native to Africa. In addition to being cultivated without synthetic chemicals or GMOs, our rose geranium plants are grown and harvested using environmentally sustainable practices to preserve soil health and protect the local eco-system.

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