Sensitive Skincare: Get Glowy Fall Skin

Learn how Inna Organic’s founder Cecily Pan manages sensitive seasonal skin with organic skincare.

Efficiency and effectiveness are important to me.That goes for everything, including skincare products. Especially once fall hits. The autumn leaves, breezy weather and beginning of holiday season are great but the seasonal change also makes my skin more sensitive and drier. I have sensitive skin, but it was my son’s severe atopic dermatitis that inspired me to dig deeper into skincare research. My business partner, chemist Jimmy Wang, helped me launch Inna Organic. Countless research studies agree with us. Clean skincare is the solution to sensitive seasonal skin! No weird ingredients, no strong fragrances, and no gimmicks. I choose Environmental Working Group (EWG) and COSMOS verified products for my son’s and my sensitive skin.As a busy mom of two, it’d be easy to let my own skincare routine fall the wayside. To prevent that mistake, I curated my perfect skincare routine for the change in weather. Check out my fall skincare routine designed to fight the gusty winds and low temperatures.

Morning Routine

I always feel so refreshed after my morning routine! It feels amazing to wipe away overnight irritants and prep skin for the day. I layer my products in order of thinnest to thickest.


After a good night’s sleep, my cleanser washes away impurities. I use Inna Organic’s low pH Skin Purifying Gel Cleanser. Its natural coconut scent and foamy texture feel incredible on my dry skin.

Face Oil

When my skin really needs a boost, I love a good facial oil. Frankincense Revitalizing Face Oil has incredible anti-aging benefits. I’ve noticed fewer fine lines and improved texture from its blend of botanicals!

Day Moisturizer

To lock in moisture, I use Frankincense Revitalizing Face Lotion. I get dual benefits of anti-aging and hydration! It goes on like silk and I feel ready for the rest of my day.

Evening Routine

Those of us with sensitive skin need to take extra care with our evening skincare routines. I’ve found that a good routine washes away the allergens of the day. I prepare my sensitive skin for overnight healing with a comprehensive evening routine.


I use Skin Purifying Gel in my evening routine too. It’s perfect for gently removing dirt and makeup from the day. Plus, its formulation is so gentle, I can use it twice a day without stripping my face of its natural oils.


To lock in as much moisture as I can, I use a toner after cleansing. Frankincense Boosting Revitalizing Face Toner makes my skin feel super smooth after application. The rest of my products work better after toning as well.

Sheet Mask

When I want a spa-like experience at home, I pop on a sheet mask. I adore Inna Organic’s Botanical Trio Ultra-soothing Face Mask. This clean beauty product is soaked in sea grapes, sea chamomile, and snow mushroom serum. In ten minutes, I notice a brightening effect and plumper skin.


The final step to glowing fall skin is a luxurious moisturizer. Inna Organic’s Botanical Trio Ultra-soothing Face Lotion is the perfect formulation for the season. The formula is lightweight, yet it hydrates perfectly. No grease, just moisture!

Additional Care

• Exfoliate

Exfoliation once a week is necessary for me. I find it improves my skin’s texture and helps my skincare products layer better. But I’m careful not to overdo it in the fall/winter months with my sensitive skin. It could completely strip my face of the moisture I desperately need!

• Sunscreen

Just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean sunscreen is too! I wear sunscreen year-round to maintain protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s some of the best preventative anti-aging care you can do for your skin.

Sensitive Skincare Simplified

I don’t let sensitive skin ruin my favorite season. Clean beauty saved my skin. And my son’s! Organic skincare goes a long way in keeping skin supple and healthy. By using EWG and COSMOS verified products in the proper order, I tackle cold weather with ease. Thanks to my skin self-care, I can enjoy my favorite season!

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